Shopping in India

Because of the diversity that India offers in its culture, shopping in India becomes fun. Traditional or trendy products, the markets here are stocked with a huge variety that might boggle your mind. You might want to grab everything and head home. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are shopping in budget or have millions to splurge, you will find markets in India that will get along with your taste and style, and most importantly your pocket. In most of the street markets you can acquire as much as seventy (or more) percent discounts, if you are a master in bargaining.

What is unique about shopping here is the fact that in different states there are similar goods but with its own signature touch. Different parts of the country are known for different goods, whether it is related to home décor, music, clothing, accessories or even food items. Get to know more about India’s markets and shopping as you read forth.

Go for traditional goods that are best available in India like bangles, sarees, lungis, pooja-saamagri, kurta pajamas when you are shopping in India. However, you can easily find a wide variety in trendy products and gadgets, especially in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Buying spices would also be a good idea if you love to experiment with food and crave for Indian food in a foreign country. If you are fond of tea, take home the tea-leaves from Darjeeling which is home to some of world’s leading tea industries.

When talking of shopping in India, the colorful knick and knacks of Rajasthan must never be forgotten. This culturally-rich state of India has its market stocked with precious and semi-precious stones, paintings, brass items, paper mache puppets, colorful lehenga cholis, juttis or mojaris, traditional umbrellas, soft blankets and much more.

In Uttar Pradesh marble items are sold, especially near the white-marble mausoleum, also the Seventh Wonder of the World the Taj Mahal. Some of these marble-goods are adorned with inlaid work with semi-precious stones, detailed carvings etc. Kanpur on the other hand is one of India’s major production areas for leather. Other than this, this city is known for its silk saris.

Maharashtra is stocked with everything you need or want. Once you are here, make sure you are grabbing Himroo sarees, bed-sheets, shawls etc from Aurangabad, for which the city is acclaimed.

Goa, the Beach State is a hotspot for not just local travelers but foreigners alike. Goa’s local liquor fenni is a must try once you are here. Hippie clothes, accessories, sunglasses and other trendy and traditional items are easily available here. do not miss to get your hands on fine-quality cashew nuts here.

Punjab’s phulkari print in clothing is a must-grab. From suit pieces to wall hangings these brightly colored prints are just what you need to add a happy feeling in your life.

Biharstands out with its wood carving and folk-art paintings; like Himachal Pradesh too. In Himachal Pradesh you can buy lovely woolen clothing, silver jewelry, Tibetan rugs etc.

Kashmir is not only known for its carved wooden furniture, leather boots and shoes; but there are some astonishingly warm clothing-items such as pashmina.

Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram silk sarees are amongst India’s finest sarees.

Terracotta products such as bowls and figurines wall hanging are other of million things West Bengal masters in. Other than this, this state has beautiful tea-gardens, which means you cannot afford to miss the tea-leaves here. Musicians get confused as they find an expansive variety of traditional musical instruments.

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