Glamping in India

Connecting luxuries of a hotel with that of the raw appeal of camping, Glamping,  is gaining a quick pace in today’s times. Not only in abroad, but in India as well. This type of camping, mostly appeals to honeymooners and romantic couples, as the feel of enjoying luxury in the solitude of nature is absolutely awe inspiring. It is its character of luxury, which does not let the comforts of fine living compromise with the rough conditions of nature.

Glamping has many forms. It can be a luxury camp in the sand dunes, a tree resort in the  jungle, or a warm and comfortable accommodation, high up in the mountains. The diversified topography of India is the main reason behind its increased popularity in this country. With so many landforms across the lengths and breadths of the country, Glamping lovers are offered with a great deal of variety.

Among the prominent glamping spots in India, Ladakh is a spectacular one, which is removing  its clichés of high altitude camping. People usually take Ladakh as a place for adventurers only, who love to be in challenging environmental and geographical situations. The topography of Ladakh is so, it sometimes feel unimaginable to look for luxury in its hostile terrains. But, with the trend of glamping getting its high in India, this remote yet beautiful destination has attained shades of luxury. Pangong retreat camp and Tsermang Eco Camp are amongst the major camps that provide living in luxury in the lap of the Himalayas.

Similarly, the sand dunes of Jaisalmer also fit perfect to get upfront with nature without getting the comfort bargained. The highly popular Sam Sand Dunes  in Jaislamer consist of a series of glamour tents, that give a feeling of royal living in the middle of the desert. If you are a wildlife fan, and want the sound of the animals to wake you up in the morning, then head to Ranthmore, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Binsar wildlife sanctuary as they provide some of the best wildlife glamping expeditions in India.

Other popular places, which offer different flavors of glamping in India comprise Punjab, Goa and Wayanad and Munnar in Kerala.

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