Adventure in India

India, with its diversity in the climate and terrains all across, forms a great destination for adventure sports. Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world visit the country to enjoy adventure sports at its different destinations. If you are an adventure lover, India is a destination you really can’t miss. India offers a wide variety of adventure sports right from trekking to rafting and paragliding.

India is not only a land blessed with the treasures of nature, historical monuments, beautiful beaches and spectacular hill stations, it is also one of the most popular adventure destinations in the world. Every nook of India has something to offer to an adventure enthusiast. While in North India, the Himalayas offer great trekking opportunities, Karnataka in South India makes you soar high in the sky with sky diving. India is truly a paradise for adventure travelers.

Some popular adventure sports and activities in India include Mountain biking (West Bengal), Scuba Diving (Andaman Islands), River Rafting (Uttarakhand), Trekking (Jammu and Kashmir), Paragliding (Goa), Heli Skiing (Gulmarg), Skiing (Manali), Hot Air Ballooning (Rajasthan), Sky Diving (Gujarat) and Bunjee Jumping (Goa).

Adventure destinations of India match to the varied interests of the travelers. With the growing interest of people in adventure sports, India has reached a new level to satisfy the hunger of every adventure junkie. In short, you get to do all of it in India. India offers much right from trekking through those deep valleys to floating in the air, sailing through the sparkling rivers and wandering in the clear blue waters of the deep sea.

To sum up, we say that India has emerged as one of the most popular adventure tourist destinations in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and head to your favorite adventure destination.

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