Rafting in India

Rafting is one of the exciting and daring sports that is experienced in India mostly in

Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Kashmir and North East. In fact, most of the destinations in India boast of amazing adventure sports to indulge in, apart from just visiting the major attractions of the place.

Rafting is all about rising and falling on the surface of water with the support of a designed inflated boat called raft. As the sports are daring and risky so one should carry all the necessary stuff and be aware of all the risks they can face. To experience this adventurous sport one should possess a high level energy and stamina to capture the shakes of coming waves. The active sport attracts a lot of adventure enthusiast to India from different parts of the world. 

Moreover, the adventure has different levels according to the river difficulty, grade one (easy), two (more rough than grade one), three (small waves), four (waves and rocks), five (large waves large rocks) and grade six (most difficult one).

Here are some of the destinations where you can partake in rafting. One of the most challenging places in India for white water rafting is Tons River- grade four (Uttarakhand) which is the biggest tributary of Yamuna flowing through Garhwal region; in Rishikesh, Ganga offers amazing white water rafting experience, perched on 3rd and 4th difficulty level offering an attractive view from Shivpuri to Laxman Jhula; Beas River in Pirdi (near Manali)- Beas River offer 3rd and 4th levels, from Pirdi down to Jhiri presenting a picturesque surrounding; Zanskar River- settled at an altitude up to 12, 000 ft. above the sea level, River Zanskar is one of the most difficult rafting spots in the country. The route passes through some of the rocky and rolling terrains and unexplored places of Ladakh; and Teesta River in Darjeeling with difficulty level four.  Here rafting is done by both beginners and experts. The route provides some awe-inspiring views of lush jungles and breathtaking mountains.

Pahalgam is one of the most popular destinations for white water rafting, best for beginners. In Lidder River, the ride starts at Yargangpal and stops at Yaneed Bridge offering you some stunning views of dense jungles. Another important rafting spot in India is River Barapole in Coorg. Depending on the water level, Barapole is marked with 2 to 4 difficulty level.

Other important locations for River Rafting in India are Kali/Sharda River (Nepal), River Brahmaputra (Guwahati), River Indus (Jammu and Kashmir) and Batwa River (Madhya Pradesh). So, if you are looking for some exciting and sporty holiday then come to India and enjoy rafting. 

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