Camping in India

Away from civilization, in a solitary world of wild nature that knows no differences of mankind. Mother nature, which comprises panoramic landscapes, mountain valleys, gurgling streams, and dense forests,  is the best escapade from the busy city life. Camping, which is by far a fantastic way to enjoy the luxuries of nature, is gaining huge popularity among urban dwellers. And in a country like India, which has such a diversified nature persona, campers are offered with numerous options.

Himalayas in the north of India serve the best camping sites by all means. The Himalayan zone in India stretches to a huge area; from high up in the cold deserts of Ladakh, to the deodar forests dominated Uttarakhand. Such a topography offers lifetime experiences of adventure camping. It is the thrill of living in the wild and rough nature without any modern amenity, that lures people from all borders to have a time of their life.

Himalayan camping is mainly confined to the valleys of Himachal, Uttarakhand, lower trenches of Ladakh and parts of Kashmir. Altogether a recreational experience, camping involves going on nature expeditions, while shifting their camps from time to time as per the need. Unlike the properly planned city tours, camping gives a scope of having the closest experience with nature.

Over the time, the vision of camping has broadened a lot. Now, it is not just adventure oriented, the camping vocabulary has added a new word, Glamping. Glamorous Camping or Glamping, as it is called, is the latest trend that is catching a good pace in the country. Evident from its name, this type of camping involves a certain degree of luxury. The venues here are not limited just to the mountains, as Glamping can be done on a beach, desert, even in the wilderness of a national park. Prominent regions in India, which set a perfect mood for luxurious camping experiences are, Jaisalmer, Goa, Ranthambore National Park, Wayanad, Pushkar and Kanha National Park. Even the harsh and high altitude region of Ladakh is fit for Glamping.  

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